How to use your rubbish bin

The dark-green rubbish bin is collected fortnightly. Now that you're putting your food waste in the green bin, there should be a lot less waste in your rubbish bin.

All electronic waste, CDs, light globes and printer cartridges need to be separated from your rubbish bin and taken to various locations. Visit our website for more details.

We understand that some households will have particular circumstances and will need additional rubbish bins for periods of time. Our new model responds to individual needs.

In future, to make a clearer distinction between the two green-lidded bins used in the new service, Council will replace dark-green rubbish bin lids with red lids.

Your dark-green bin is collected fortnightly.

Items accepted in your rubbish bin:

Pet poo

Cat litter

Lids from jars, bottles and containers

Coffee pods

Nappies and absorbent sanitary products

Polystyrene packaging

Plastic packaging (Codes 3-4 & 6-7)

Pens and pencils

Garden hoses

Icy pole sticks

Ice cream containers (Codes 3-4 & 6-7)

Juice and milk cartons

UHT and long-life cartons

Kitchen cloths

Used wipes

Used tissues

Used serviettes and paper towels

Broken kitchen/ovenware

Sanitary products and nappies

Plastic straws


Vacuum cleaner bags

Plant pots

Takeaway coffee cups

Wrappers, muesli bars, ice creams

Stickers and sticky tape


Rubbish Bin dos and don'ts.png

Do you need to dispose of something that can't go in your bin?

Take a look at our Hard waste collection service or Other options for household waste page.

Missed Collection?

If your bin has not been emptied, please contact Council asap on 9932 1000, as this is the quickest way to arrange a recollection. Alternatively you may complete the Missed collection online form, however, this may take longer to process. 

Public Holidays

Council’s waste collection contractors and disposal facilities are closed on the following days only:

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday

On these days, regular collections will resume the following day and continue until all affected areas have been collected. Please leave your bin/s out until your bin/s have been emptied.

All other listed public holidays do not affect waste collection services.

Lost, damaged and stolen bins

Council will replace or repair your recycling bin if it has undergone normal wear and tear, or if it has been stolen. A statutory declaration may be required.

If you have lost your bin or it's has been stolen or damaged, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or Report a damaged or missing bin.