Centres of Excellence Strategy


Hobsons Bay City Council has developed a Centres of Excellence Stategy that can be viewed here.

This strategy was developed to support the delivery of the Hobsons Bay City Council’s Plan 2021-25, specifically Strategy 1.4 Priority c): “Increase customer service centres and libraries participation through establishing Centres of Excellence in different lifelong learning skills”.

What are the Centres of Excellence?

The Centres of Excellence are a network of six centres that aim to make services and learning opportunities more accessible to more people.

Hobsons Bay City Council has identified each library branch as a location for a Centre of Excellence. Each site will be assigned a unique theme where our community can deep dive into topics through curated programs, activities, specialist equipment and collections.

The concept of the Centres of Excellence builds on the existing specialist collections available at Hobsons Bay Libraries, such as the EnviroCentre at Altona Library and the Heritage collection currently at Williamstown Library.

Where will the Centres of Excellence be located?

Each centre will have a unique theme that programs, activities, specialist equipment and collections will be curated around. 

Themes and locations

Goals of the Centres of Excellence

  • Establish Council+ Centres of Excellence at Council venues across Hobsons Bay, each with a unique theme and focus.
  • Community members find our services exciting, relevant, easy to access and supportive of their growth and aspirations.
  • Communities are more connected, inclusive and inspired.
  • An increased sense of civic pride across the municipality.
  • Each centre will be a destination that encourages increased visitation and participation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Council be removing any books to deliver this project?

No, we will not be removing any books. The Centres of Excellence will be delivered in addition to the current core library services.


When will the Centres be installed at each location?

The Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre will be the first site to install a Centre of Excellence. This installation is part of a building refurbishment that is scheduled for completion in 2023. Additional Centres of Excellence installations will follow from 2023.


Will there be a cost to attend or participate at the Centres of Excellence?

No. A main objective of the Centres of Excellence strategy is to increase learning opportunities for the community and ensuring resources are made available to everyone.


Who will be running the Centres of Excellence?

Dedicated staff will be recruited or upskilled to support the delivery of the Centres of Excellence. Council will also be exploring partnership or sponsorship opportunities with industry experts, volunteers and community groups.

Further Information

If you would like more information on the development of this strategy or progress on the overall project call our customer service team Monday 8am to Friday 6pm on 9932 1000 or email the Hobson Bay City Council.