Customer Service

We're committed to being a leading customer-focused organisation that works together to make things easier for our customers.

Customer service charter

The Customer Service Charter outlines our commitment to our customers. Council staff, contractors and Councillors promise to:

  • actively listen to you and show empathy
  • be friendly, polite and professional
  • provide consistent, timely and accurate advice
  • answer phone calls and web chats promptly
  • return phone messages within two working days
  • acknowledge email enquiries within two working days
  • acknowledge letter enquiries within five working days
  • aim to resolve your matter promptly and keep you updated along the way
  • make sure everyone is included by using the most appropriate method of consultation and engagement
  • make it easy for you to connect with us
  • respect your privacy and treat your personal information as confidential
  • encourage your feedback and use this information to help us learn and improve our service


Customer Focus Charter

Council is committed to providing excellent customer service. Our Customer Focus Charter details our service commitment to our community, visitors, councillors and staff. 

We are committed to:

  • responding to enquiries, requests and feedback efficiently and effectively
  • resolving enquiries in the first instance or, if specialised advice is required, referring  your enquiry to a subject expert for resolution
  • making it easier to connect through a range of contact methods
  • being courteous, polite and professional at all times
  • providing consistent and accurate information
  • respecting and protecting personal information and privacy
  • encouraging feedback and using that information to continuously improve and develop our services
  • ensuring that our service options are accessible to customers with diverse needs and backgrounds
  • providing environmentally sustainable service options

You can help us to assist you by:

  • providing accurate information to support your enquiry or request
  • advising us if your contact details have changed
  • understanding that we may not be able to investigate or respond to anonymous reports
  • treating our staff with the same courtesy and respect you would expect

Customer Focus Strategy 2016-19

Customer Focus Strategy 2016-19(PDF, 701KB)