Planning and Building Enforcement and Complaints

If you think someone is undertaking building works illegally or starting a new use without proper approval or operating outside permit conditions, you can contact Council to investigate. The type of action Council takes will depend on a lot of things, including what type of approval is required. The first step will be to establish whether a planning permit or building permit is required.

Please make your complaint in writing and include:

  • Your contact details

  • The address of the site in question

  • Details of the non-compliance

Your details are protected and they will not be disclosed to the owner or occupier of the offending property without your consent.

There are formal enforcement proceedings that Council can take to ensure compliance with planning and/or building regulations, however generally Council gives an opportunity for compliance before resorting to formal enforcement. In some cases, a retrospective permit application can be made in relation to the use or development that has already occurred.

 Please refer to the Planning Enforcement Policy(PDF, 269KB) for more information.