Other options for household waste

Common household items that aren’t accepted in a Council bin can still be recycled if they’re dropped at the right place.

To find out if recycling options are available for a household item, use the search tool:Click here to find which bin does this go in

Find the Which bin function on Council's free Recycling 2.0 App. To download it to your smartphone, visit the App Store or Google Play and search 'Recycling 2.0'. Click here for more information about the Recycling 2.0 app. STRAT02940 - FOGO Recycling - HandPhone_Asset.jpg

"Recycling Made Easy" near you

The Recycling Made Easy (RME) hubs stationed at 13 libraries and community centres across Hobsons Bay make recycling small household items easy and accessible.

Find RME locations and accepted items(PDF, 2MB)

RME was born in 2018 by passionate residents who wanted to see more recycling options in Hobsons Bay. The community initiative was supported by the Williamstown Community and Education Centre and received grant funding from The Hamer Sprout Fund and Hobsons Bay City Council.

RME is now integrated with Council's waste and recycling offering. Collected materials are recycled through our partners Green Collect, Cleanaway, Planet Ark and Terracycle. 

Recycling Made Easy hub stationed at local community centre. Cabinet with sections for different items such as sunglasses, light globes and batteries.


If you have suggestions about local recycling options or ideas about how to produce less household waste, please email us at customerservice@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au and we will consider including it as part of our continuous improvements and updates to the list.

Other items may also be recycled or disposed of at a nearby landfill or transfer station