What is Better Places?

Better Places is a new way that Council designs and delivers projects, thinking in terms of overall ‘places’ rather than individual ‘pieces’. 

To create a great place, you have to think about the place as a whole, understanding and enhancing the things that make it special and knowing the elements needed to make better places into the future.  

The success of Better Places is actively involving the community to help shape the places they live and visit. Feedback and ideas gathered during multiple stages of community consultation informs the development of a ‘Place Guide’ that includes practical on the ground projects and initiatives the community have asked for, want and need.

What are the things that make a great place?

How would you go about making the place you call home an even better place live into the future?

Better Places creates a shared community vision that captures the values and aspirations of the people who live, work and play in the place and then undertakes real projects and improvements that bring the vision to life.

Better Places happens in stages

Stage 1 – Community consultation – Love, Change and Ideas

Stage 2 – Community consultation of draft vision, principles and project ideas (based on community feedback from Stage 1)

Stage 3 – Consultation on draft projects

Stage 4 – Consultation on Draft Place Guide

Stage 5 – Place Guide presented to Council for endorsement

Stage 6 – Better Places projects implementation

Help make Better Places happen

To find out more about creating Better Places and to help make them happen visit www.better-places.com.au and/or click on the links below to have your say on projects currently open for community feedback:

For more information about Better Places, email mtravers@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au  or call 1300 179 944