Council Meetings

The next Council Meeting is on Tuesday 13 October, from 7pm. It can be viewed at

The next Council Meeting will be held during the Election Period.  Council’s Election Period Policy ensures that Council business continues throughout this period in a responsible and transparent manner.

Councillors understand the need to adhere to the provisions of the Election Period Policy. Councillors cannot make a significant decision during the Election Period that would be binding on the future incoming Council.  Councillors are also not permitted to use the public forum provided by the Council Meeting for purposes of campaigning, or to use their position to gain electoral advantage or disadvantage over another candidate.

As the next Council meeting will be held during the Election Period a number of changes will be made:

  • Public questions will continue to be received however they will not be read out by the Chair at the Council Meeting.  All questions received will receive a written response.  Members of the public are encouraged to submit public questions using the online form or by emailing In accordance with rule 13.1.7 of the Hobsons Bay Governance Rules questions must be received by 12pm the day before the Council meeting.
  • Council will not be posting the livestream and podcast on the website the day after the Council meeting during the Election Period.   Both the live stream and podcast be posted on the website on Monday, 26 October 2020 (after the Council Election).