Fires, burning off & smoke

Burning off

Burning off of any type is not permitted.

If you witness a neighbour burning rubbish please call Council on 1300 179 944. A Local Laws Officer will investigate and if evidence of a fire is found a warning will be issued. If burning off continues a fine will be issued.

Fire hazards

Grass and undergrowth on properties including vacant land must be cut to a height of no more than 155mm (six inches) all year round.

Smoke & odours

Smoke and odours emitted from your property may be considered to be a nuisance e.g. fuel fired appliances that are not used and maintained correctly may produce smoke or offensive odour.

Council is responsible for investigating and resolving nuisance complaints. For further information regarding issues relating to noise, air quality and smoke, talk to a Public Health Officer on 1300 179 944.