Community & local laws

The Local Government Act gives Council the power to make local laws.

The Meeting Procedure and Common Seal Local Law 2015 governs Council's meeting procedures. Its purpose is to:

  • facilitate the good government of Council through its formal meeting procedure to ensure effective and efficient decisions are made
  • regulate and control the procedures governing the conduct of meetings
  • regulate the use of the common seal and prohibit its unauthorised use
  • provide generally for the peace, order and good management of Hobsons Bay

The Community Local Law(PDF, 418KB) has been developed to:

  • provide a safe and healthy environment
  • prohibit, regulate and control activities which may be dangerous, unsafe or detrimental to the quality of life in Hobsons Bay
  • prohibit behaviour which may be a nuisance or detrimental to health and safety
  • control nuisances and noise, odour and smoke emissions, and other discharges to the environment which may adversely affect the enjoyment of life, health, safety and welfare of persons within Hobsons Bay

More information about common infringements is available elsewhere in the Regulations section. Depending upon the nature of the offence, penalties of up to $2000 may apply.