Advocacy Priorities

Hobsons Bay is a community abundant with opportunity, as well as plenty of challenges to tackle. It has never been more vital for Council to advocate for investment in infrastructure, programs and services that meet the needs of our community. We're asking the State and Federal Government to commit to the below advocacy priority projects.

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  • Be informed: click below to read about Council’s advocacy priorities and find out more information on each current campaign.
  • Join the conversation: Have your say on upcoming projects, join a local community group, sign petitions, fill out campaign forms, and attend events to show your support on issues that matter to you.
  • Spread the word: Tell your family and friends about issues, like Hobsons Bay City Council on Facebook and Instagram and like, share and comment on issues that matter to you, helping us to raise awareness and advocate for you and the community. 
  • Tell your Local Member: call, email or write a letter to your local State or Federal member directly.


Click on the tiles below to find out more about Council’s advocacy priorities or contact our Advocacy team at to discuss other ways you can get involved.

Council's advocacy work is guided by our Advocacy Strategy 2021-25(PDF, 18MB), which aligns with the values of the Council Plan 2021-25 and the Hobsons Bay 2030 Community Vision. Click on a heading below to find a summary of the project.

Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre

Council is working with the Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre Inc to deliver a Wetlands Centre located at HD Graham Reserve in Altona, near the Cheetham Wetlands, an internationally Ramsar protected site renowned for its amazing biodiversity. The multi-functional centre will include indoor/outdoor public spaces, classrooms, field studies centre, care, offices, workspaces, connected walking trails, nature play areas, and more.

Ask: We’re seeking funding of $11 million from State and Federal partners to contribute to the overall cost of the project.

Western Aquatic and Early Years Centre

Council is proactively responding to health and wellbeing needs across Melbourne’s rapidly growing western region with the delivery of a new state-of-the-art aquatic centre at Bruce Comben Reserve in Altona Meadows, filling the gap in service at the western end of the city.

Ask: We are seeking support and partnerships to contribute towards the estimated project costs of $55-60 million.

Better Places projects

This project actively involves the community in the process of shaping where they live, collaborating to create a vision which is used to create practical ideas. These ideas form a Place Guide for each project area, providing an actionable list of projects.

Ask: We are seeking funding from State and Federal partners towards the overall project cost of $50 million. Contributions will support the implementation of Hobsons Bay Better Places ‘Place Guide' projects across Laverton, Spotswood/South Kingsville, and Brooklyn/Altona North.

More youth mental health services in Hobsons Bay

Hobsons Bay is a ‘mental health services desert’, with little to no free or low-cost mental health services for young people when compared to other Melbourne metropolitan areas. The nearest ‘headspace’ services are in Werribee and Sunshine – up to an hour away by public transport and both with long waiting lists.

Ask: Council is seeking our community’s fair share of State and Federal government investment in youth mental health services.

Large scale Solar Virtual Power project

Council is committed to addressing climate change. This project will deliver significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and directly supports the Victorian community to deliver on the government’s greenhouse gas emission reduction and renewable energy targets.

Ask: Council is seeking opportunities for funding and partnership to help us deliver local sustainability projects which form the Virtual Power Project, enabling the phase of on-demand battery storage.

Better transport for Hobsons Bay

With growing population forecasts, Council is advocating for a number of projects which will build the infrastructure needed to keep our growing population moving. Projects include:

  • the WEST East Metro Rail Plan
  • Shared trails and cycling infrastructure
  • Kororoit Creek Trail (Stages 4 & 5)
  • Werribee Line Level Crossing Removals Program
  • Western transport infrastructure improvements in Laverton
  • Traffic congestion in the west.

Ask: Council is seeking greater levels of investment from the State and Federal government and supportive partners towards walking and cycling infrastructure, improvements to freeway infrastructure and improvements to the transport network.

Visit our Council Submission webpage to view Council’s current and previous submissions on various advocacy issues.