Hoon & Trail Bike Hotline

Anti-social driving - Hoon Hotline – 1800 333 000 (Crime Stoppers)

The police have implemented a Hoon Hotline which is supported by the Hobsons Bay Community Safety Taskforce. The taskforce is committed to addressing local safety concerns, such as reckless driving and other anti-social behaviour in our local streets.

What you can report to the Hoon Hotline?

  • drag racing
  • excessive speeding
  • driving involving intentional loss of traction (e.g. burnouts, fishtails, donuts)
  • driving while disqualified or unlicensed 
  • drink driving and driving under the influence of drugs

The Hoon Hotline operates the same way as Crime Stoppers. Callers provide details to the hotline, the information is analysed and then forwarded to the appropriate area to be investigated.

You do not have to provide personal details. All personal details are protected under the Privacy Act. Police will investigate the hoon behaviour, however may not be able to prosecute on the information provided, unless you are prepared to make a statement.

If the problem is urgent, the hoon behaviour is still occurring, or otherwise requires police attendance, you must call 000.

If you are the victim of road rage or have suffered damage or feared for your safety as a result of hoon behaviour, then report this to 000 and attend the nearest police station.

If able to safely do so at the time, take down as many details as possible of the offender, the car, the time, and any damage caused and provide this to the police.

Reports of hoon driving help Victoria Police target repeat offenders and focus on specific locations.

If you know the identity of a hoon driver, have knowledge of hoon driving activity, or are able to provide a description of vehicles involved (make, model, colour, registration number) you can report this to Crime Stoppers without revealing your own identity.

Contact the Crime Stoppers Hoon Hotline on 1800 333 000 or report it online at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au


Trail bike riding offences

Trail bike riding offences include:

  • riding an unregistered motorbike
  • riding in a Council reserve on a non-road area
  • riding without a helmet
  • riding without a licence