Litter, rubbish & graffiti

Builder's rubbish

Builders must provide a container on the building site to dispose of their rubbish which protects it from being blown and scattered over adjoining areas. A permit is required for containers on Council land including the road.

To apply for a permit contact Customer Service on 1300 179 944.

Clothing & charity bins

Bins are provided for residents to deposit much needed clothing for the less fortunate. It is an offence to dump rubbish or unwanted goods outside a charity bin.


It is an offence to deface, graffiti or vandalise property. Graffiti on community property and facilities shows a lack of pride in our city and is an eyesore.

Council is encouraging residents to tackle graffiti by applying for graffiti removal kits.

The state government has supplied Council with a limited number of graffiti removal kits for residents to remove graffiti from private property.

Download a copy of the Graffitti Removal Kit Application Form.(DOCX, 38KB)

If you witness anyone writing graffiti, please report it to Council 1300 179 944. Graffiti removal is the responsibility of the property owner.

You can lodge a graffiti removal request through our website.


Littering, including dropping cigarette butts, is illegal. Please report littering to the Environment Protection Authority on 1800 352 555. You can lodge an online service request for street sweeping, beach and foreshore cleaning or dumped rubbish.

Find out more about waste management.

Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys must be returned to the shopping centre and not left in streets or reserves. If you see an abandoned trolley, please report it by calling the hotline on 1800 245 022.