Parking permits - register, renew and cancel

A resident parking permit is ONLY issued to residents who live on a street that has timed parking restrictions above 30 minutes (1P, 2P, etc.) with the exception of multi-unit developments.

*Businesses are not eligible for parking permits, they are for residents only (households).

A ticket machine permit allows residents to park for free at ticket machine areas.

Exceptions - Permits will not be issued to vehicles in excess of 4.5 tonnes gross weight or trucks, trailers, caravans or motorcycles.  

Follow the steps for new applications. If you already have a permit that is due to expire, switch to the renew parking permit screen.



Step 1.Prepare your documents

You need to provide one document to prove you are a resident and one document for each vehicle specific permit to confirm the vehicle is registered to a Hobsons Bay address. We accept the below documents:

Proof you live in Hobsons Bay

If you are an owner/occupier, we will confirm your status with our records. You do not need to provide a document.

If you rent, make sure the document displays your full name and address. Documents we accept:

  • current driver's licence
  • bond receipt dated within the last three months
  • utility invoice issued in the last three months

Proof of ownership of the vehicle

Make sure the document displays your full name, your address and your registration number. Documents we accept:

  • vehicle registration certificate
  • signed vehicle transfer document
  • current insurance document stating that the car is garaged at your Hobsons Bay address

Step 2.Important information

A ticket machine permit allows residents to park free at the ticket machine areas only (note time restrictions still apply). Ticket machine permits cannot be used in permit zones or other restricted parking areas (excluding Railway Avenue in Laverton, outside the train station). 

Areas include:

  • Nelson Place Williamstown
  • Williamstown Beach
  • Altona Beach

Step 3.Register

Create an account and apply for your parking permit

Click here to register


Step 1.Receive your renewal notice

We will email or post it to you around four weeks before your permit expires.

Step 2.Prepare your documents (if applicable)

Go to the next step if none of your details on your vehicle specific permit/s have changed.

You must provide a supporting document that links the new vehicle registration to your name. It’s important that both your name and the registration number is visible on the document.

If the vehicle is registered in your name, please provide one of the following:

  • VicRoads registration certificate
  • current insurance document

If the vehicle is registered in a company name, please provide:

  • one of the above documents (registration, vehicle transfer or insurance document)
  • signed company letter stating that you are the primary driver of the vehicle and that it is garaged at the address on your permit.

Step 3.Renew your permit/s

You can renew all permits for the same household on the one form.

Click here to log in

If the email you received was titled 'you need to register for the first time again to renew your permit' click below. 

Click here to re-register for your renewal


Step 1.Before you cancel a permit online, you need to check if you can log into our system:

Click here to test your log in

  • you can only proceed to step 2 if you can log into our system 
  • if you cannot log into the portal, you will need to contact customer service on 1300 179 944 to cancel your permit

Step 2.If you can log into our system, follow the instructions below to cancel your permit:

1. Click the link below to log in and open the local laws portal

2. Click cancel parking permit button


3. Click on the application you would like to cancel


4. Click on the cancellation button


5. Provide a reason for cancelling and submit


Step 3.Cancel a permit 

Click here to cancel a permit


Parking permit general

How many resident parking permits can I have?

Residential parking permits can be issued to numerous vehicles as long as there is proof that the vehicle is garaged at the premises and the owner of the vehicle resides at the premises.

What is the difference between a resident parking permit and a ticket machine parking permit?

A resident parking permit is ONLY issued to residents who live on a street with timed parking restrictions (1P, 2P, etc.) except multi-unit developments. Whereas a ticket machine parking permit allows residents to park free at the ticket machine areas only (note time restrictions still apply). Ticket machine permits cannot be used in permit zones or other restricted parking areas.

What happens if I get a new car, or my registration number changes?

If a resident gets a new car with a different registration number, the old parking permit will no longer be valid for the new vehicle. To continue parking in the designated area, the resident must apply for a new parking permit using the new vehicle registration number and provide supportive documentation.

Can a business have a parking permit?

Businesses are not eligible for a parking permit, they are for residents only (households).

What happens if my permit is lost or damaged?

For a resident or ticket machine replacement permit, the resident can call customer service 1300 179 944 or email and request a reprint to be posted. For a replacement visitors permit a statutory declaration is required stating the permit has been misplaced or a lost fee will apply.

Where is my residential parking permit valid?

The resident parking permit allows the permit holder to park in any permitted parking space within the section of the street specified on the permit and within the next nearest street for longer than the time limits shown on the parking sign (except in the school zones, and zones 30 minutes and below). A permit does not guarantee that parking will be available in a resident's street.

Resident parking permits also allow the permit holder to park free at ticket machine areas (note time restrictions still apply, refer to ticket machine permits above). So, if you hold a resident parking permit, you do not need a ticket machine permit.

Can I get a parking permit for my truck, trailer, caravan or Motorcycle?

Permits will not be issued to vehicles in excess of 4.5 tonnes gross weight or trucks, trailers, caravans or motorcycles. 

What are the acceptable proof documents required for my application?

Acceptable proof documents include driver’s license, rates notice, vehicle registration and insurance document.


How do I renew my parking permit?

Parking permits expire after 24 months. We will send you a renewal notice 4 weeks before your permit expires.

To renew your parking permit, a new application will be required with up to date documentation.

How long will it take to receive my permits?

Once we've processed your permits, they typically take 2-3 weeks to arrive via Post.

If you have not received all your permits in a timely manner, please call us on 1300 179 944 or email Pick up is also available at multiple council+ sites and the Civic Centre.

Is my permit valid after the expiry date?

No. Permits are not valid for use after the expiry date. A parking infringement may be issued if a current permit is not displayed.

What if I am the primary driver but the car is registered to a company or someone else?

If you drive a company vehicle, you will need a letter from your employer on the company letterhead stating the vehicle registration number and where the vehicle is garaged.

Can I use my housemate's vehicle specific permit if they move out?

Permits can only be issued to residents living in the property. If a vehicle specific permit holder has moved, another resident will need to apply for a new permit. The previous resident's permit cannot be transferred.


Parking around schools?

Parking or leaving your car running while dropping off children near a school crossing is an offence. Council is committed to zero tolerance towards parking offences committed around schools.

Parking on reservations, reserves and nature strips?

Parking cars, trailers, boats or other vehicles on nature strips or reservations could damage footpaths and underground gas and water pipes.

You must park within your property. If off-street parking is unavailable, park on the road against the kerb.

Parking infringements?

Using the customer portal you can manage your infringement online, you can do the following by entering your infringement number and offence date as shown on your infringement.
  • pay your infringement
  • review the details of your infringement
  • appeal your infringement
  • nominate another person responsible
  • apply for a payment extension
  • elect to go to court