Horses on the Beach

Horses are allowed to exercise on Altona beach at PA Burns Reserve however, a permit is required and is subject to certain conditions.

All permits will be subject to the following conditions:

1. That this operation causes no disturbance to any nearby residents
2. That the horse is under constant control of a handler
3. That the horse not be allowed to trot, canter or gallop along the beach
4. That the horse is off the beach before 9am
5. That all horse droppings be cleared by the applicant from the site
6. That the horse be kept away from the beach areas that are being used by the public
7. That the use of the beach for the purposes of this permit is entirely at the applicant’s risk
8. This permit is valid for 12 months
9. That the annual permit fee has been paid.

Permitted Area:

Horses are only permitted on the beach at PA Burns Reserve (Melways 55B9)

You can submit applications with payment to:

Application to exercise horses on the beach(PDF, 120KB)

By email: 

By post: PO BOX 21, Altona 3018