Cat cages

Hobsons Bay residents can borrow cat cages from Council in order to safely and responsibly capture stray and nuisance cats.

Residents should note that for occupational health and safety reasons, Animal Management Officers cannot handle cats unless they are confined within a secure Council cage.

How to book a cat cage

Cat cages can be booked by contacting customer service on 1300 179 944 or emailing your request to We aim to keep wait times to within one to two weeks; however if you have a situation that requires urgent attention please contact Council and ask to speak to the Animal Management Unit on 1300 179 944.  

Conditions of booking a cat cage

  • cat cages are delivered on a Sunday and collected the following Sunday
  • the trap is to be set after dusk, at night ONLY, Sunday night through to Thursday night
  • Do NOT set traps on Friday, Saturday or Public Holiday nights as there is no Council Service for the cats to be collected following these days
  • Do NOT set traps when weather is forecast to reach 30° or above
  • Traps should always be set on level ground (the trap should not rock/move) as cats will not walk on an unsteady surface; therefore you minimise your chance of catching the cat
  • Traps should be set in a sheltered and quiet area of your yard, away from public access so that the traps cannot be stolen or tampered with
  • If a cat is not caught by the following morning, the trap is to be closed and reset/reopened that evening
  • If a cat is caught in the trap, the trap MUST be covered with a sheet or towel
  • To have a cat collected please call 1300 179 944. Pickups will be conducted between the hours of 8am and 2pm. Cats trapped after the 2pm deadline, will be collected the following morning. Council’s After Hours Emergency Service will not pick up cats in traps after hours as stipulated above
  • Lost, stolen or damaged traps will be charged to the resident who was issued the trap
  • If the cat is trapped in a cage that is not a Council approved/issued trap, and the cat is not able to be transferred from the trap, an animal management officer will NOT remove the cat from your property