Hard waste

All Hobsons Bay properties who use Council waste services are able to book one free hard waste collection each financial year (1 July to 30 June). A second collection can also be booked for a fee of $83.00.

For residents affected by the storm on 13 February 2024 – Green waste collection services

If you have leftover branches, tree stumps and other garden debris that don’t fit in your light green food and garden bin, we have several other options to help. 

If you have tree stumps up to 30cm diameter and/or branches up to 1.5m in length that can be bundled:  

  • Did you know that you can get one free hard waste collection each financial year? This includes green waste such as tree stumps (up to 30 centimetres diameter) and bundled branches (up to 1.5 metres in length). You can book your free hard waste collection by calling 1300 179 944 or visiting the online booking portal.

  • If you’ve already claimed your free hard waste collection this financial year, we can offer storm-affected residents another green waste collection for free. To claim this limited-time, complimentary service specifically for storm-affected residents, you must call us on 1300 179 944 by Friday 15 March 2024.

If you have tree stumps over 30cm diameter and/or branches that measure more than 1.5m in length and/or cannot be bundled: Please call us on 1300 179 944 by Friday 15 March 2024 and we will work with you to make arrangements to pick up your green waste.  

Don’t want to wait for a hard waste collection?  

Another option is to take your green waste to the tip for recycling. The Werribee Refuse Disposal Centre accepts green waste for a modest fee (e.g. a carload of green waste will cost $30 to take to the tip for recycling). You can find more details here: Municipal Tip (Refuse Disposal Facility) | Wyndham City 

Can your pre-loved goods find a second life?

Before you book your hard waste collection, consider, are the items in good working condition and could they be reused? If broken, could they be repaired?

Resources collected in Council’s hard waste collection are sent to a transfer station where they are separated to be recycled. Materials that cannot be locally recycled are sent to landfill. 

Booking your collection

Residents can book their own hard waste collection via the online portal or contact Council on 1300 179 944.

You must book a hard waste collection by 5pm Thursday the week prior to when you would like your hard waste collected.

Hard waste collection days are based on the resident's address and are subject to availability. Please ensure items are ready for collection by 6am on your specified collection day.

If you place your items out too late or in the incorrect location, your items will not be collected and your booked collection will be forfeited.

The contractor will leave a notice in your letterbox informing why a collection has not occurred.

Should you need to postpone or cancel your hard waste collection, you must notify Council on 1300 179 944 prior to 12pm the business day before your booked collection.

If you do not notify Council by this time, your property will not be entitled to another collection for that financial year.


What can I put out in hard rubbish?

The following items are permitted to be put out for your hard rubbish collection:

  • household furniture
  • electronic waste (all e-waste will be recycled)
  • mattress and bed bases
  • pottery, ceramics and chinaware
  • whitegoods (remove fridge/freezer doors)
  • air conditioners
  • hot water units
  • glass (securely wrapped and marked 'GLASS')
  • scrap metal, tools and equipment
  • small amounts of timber (bundled and tied, no longer than 1.5 metres in length)
  • tree stumps (30 centimetres diameter)
  • branches (bundled and tied, no longer than 1.5 metres in length)
  • BBQs, bicycles and toys

Hard rubbish that will NOT be collected:

  • NO renovation or demolition materials
  • NO carpet
  • NO fencing materials
  • NO guttering
  • NO plaster, bricks, tiles and plaster
  • NO chemicals, liquids, paints, oils and automotive fluids
  • NO batteries (automotive and household)
  • NO light globes
  • NO garden sprays and fertilisers
  • NO gas bottles
  • NO asbestos, ashes, tyres and tyre rims
  • NO unbundled green waste
  • NO commercial, business or household garbage
  • NO soil, rocks, rubble, concrete
  • NO tree trunks larger than 30 centimetres in diameter


Guidelines for collection

Place all items within your property boundary (in your front yard or driveway). Do not place items on the nature strip or crossover.

Ensure there is clear access to your waste collection. If access or placement is a problem, please contact Council on 1300 179 944 prior to collection day.

For properties with no obvious boundary (fence or footpath), place your items between 4 to 10 metres from the street kerb or gutter.

hard waste location


Collection limits

maximum volume: 3 cubic metres (3m length x 1m depth x 1m high)

maximum length: 1.5 metres for any item

maximum weight: 20kg per item, container or bundle of items

 Hardwaste - measurements


What happens to hard waste after its collected?

Permitted items are compacted in a collection truck before being sent to a local materials recovery centre. Wood, metals, electronic waste components and green organics are separated to be processed. Other materials that cannot be recycled locally are then sent to landfill.

Mattresses are collected separately and delivered to a specific recycling facility. 


Other disposal options

For disposal of additional items or items that are not accepted, refer to our other recycling and disposal options page.