This Girl Can

Want to get active? Not sure where to start? Take the first step with Hobsons Bay City Council and VicHealth as part of This Girl Can campaign.

Last year’s This Girl Can Week events inspired one in seven women in Victoria to get active, and more than 285,000 Victorian women were more active after seeing the campaign.

Although it may a look a little different this year with the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation there are still many opportunities to get active. If you are looking to, but aren’t sure about how to take the first step, check out the online workouts HERE, and choose a workout that suits you. 

Physical Activity Cards

Thanks to This Girl Can and VIC Health, Hobsons Bay City Council in consultation with an accredited exercise physiologist developed physical activity cards for women in our community. The physical activity cards come in four packs:

  • 18-60 Year Old
  • Over 60
  • Postnatal and
  • Wheelchair workouts

The activity cards can also be found in 10 languages; English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Maltese, Punjabi and Vietnamese.

Find an activity pack that suits you below.

Note: Always remember to read the disclaimer on the last page of the pack.

Activity Pack 1 - ages 18-60 years

 18-60-Arabic.pdf(PDF, 578KB)

18-60-Chinese-Simplified.pdf(PDF, 527KB)

18-60-Chinese-Traditional.pdf(PDF, 520KB)

18-60-English.pdf(PDF, 187KB)

18-60-Hindi.pdf(PDF, 464KB)

18-60-Italian.pdf(PDF, 378KB)

18-60-Korean.pdf(PDF, 380KB)

18-60-Maltese.pdf(PDF, 565KB)

18-60-Punjabi.pdf(PDF, 437KB)

18-60-Vietnamese.pdf(PDF, 490KB)

Activity Pack 2 - over 60 years

Over-60-Arabic.pdf(PDF, 546KB)

Over-60-Chinese-Simplified.pdf(PDF, 537KB)

Over-60-Chinese-Traditional.pdf(PDF, 585KB)

Over-60-English.pdf(PDF, 263KB)

Over-60-Hindi.pdf(PDF, 525KB)

Over-60-Italian.pdf(PDF, 468KB)

Over-60-Korean.pdf(PDF, 428KB)

Over-60-Punjabi.pdf(PDF, 527KB)

Over-60-Punjabi.pdf(PDF, 527KB)

Over-60-Vietnamese.pdf(PDF, 564KB)

Activity Pack 3 - wheelchair

Wheelchair-Arabic.pdf(PDF, 519KB)

Wheelchair-Chinese-Simplified.pdf(PDF, 540KB)

Wheelchair-Chinese-Traditional.pdf(PDF, 591KB)

Wheelchair-English.pdf(PDF, 244KB)

Wheelchair-Hindi.pdf(PDF, 546KB)

Wheelchair-Italian.pdf(PDF, 451KB)

Wheelchair-Korean.pdf(PDF, 431KB)

Wheelchair-Maltese.pdf(PDF, 579KB)

Wheelchair-Punjabi.pdf(PDF, 484KB)

Wheelchair-Vietnamese.pdf(PDF, 568KB)

Activity Pack 4 - Postnatal

 Postnatal-Arabic.pdf(PDF, 439KB)

Postnatal-Chinese-Simplified.pdf(PDF, 461KB)

Postnatal-Chinese-Traditional.pdf(PDF, 510KB)

Postnatal-English.pdf(PDF, 180KB)

Postnatal-Hindi.pdf(PDF, 446KB)

Postnatal-Italian.pdf(PDF, 387KB)

Postnatal-Korean.pdf(PDF, 366KB)

Postnatal-Maltese.pdf(PDF, 529KB)

Postnatal-Punjabi.pdf(PDF, 463KB)

Postnatal-Vietnamese.pdf(PDF, 515KB)