Social media terms of use

Purpose of our social media pages

Our social media accounts aim to provide an opportunity for us to:

  • connect further with our community
  • allow for genuine two-way communication and engagement, to build strong and positive relationships
  • regularly communicate and promote news, events and initiatives, as well as information about council business, services and facilities

It also allows you another channel to communicate with us, whether asking questions or sharing your thoughts, views and ideas.

We also encourage the community to post directly to our page in order to promote events or services they offer. As we receive a large number of requests from community groups and sporting clubs, we cannot promote your events on our page, but encourage you to do so in the 'Post to Page' section.

Appropriate use of social media

We welcome and encourage users to comment on our pages as long as it relates to Hobsons Bay City Council and the Hobsons Bay area.

We expect that all users will be familiar with and adhere to these guidelines.

Users should behave in an appropriate and respectful way and not publish any content that is considered defamatory or inappropriate.

Users should always seek permission from anyone who appears in any photographs, video or other footage before sharing these via any form of social media.  If asked to remove materials please do so as soon as practicable.

We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate posts or block a user in order to maintain a safe and respectful online community.

Examples of inappropriate posts that will be removed includes content that is:

  • racist, sexist or sexual
  • threatening or abusive
  • harassing or bullying
  • offensive, obscene or contains profanity
  • spam, junk or advertising
  • derogatory or defamatory
  • unlawful or discriminatory
  • not respecting another's privacy
  • containing personal, confidential, or copyright information
  • political or lobbying
  • relating to a third party that is not affiliated or connected with the Hobsons Bay City Council
  • not suited to all ages
  • any other content that we deem inappropriate

If you find a post to be inappropriate or offensive in any way, please contact us at

Content on our social media pages

Please be aware that unless posted by Hobsons Bay City Council, any content published on our social media pages may not represent our views, and we do not endorse, authorise or support the content.

If you are unsure about any content, please contact us or visit our website at