Council Reporting

Council delivers more than 100 essential services to our community each month. View our public dashboards below to see how Council is tracking on key projects, programs and services.

*Please note, this data is under development and will be updated regularly. We welcome your feedback on the dashboards.

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About the reports

Hobsons Bay at a glance

We’ve created a map of Hobsons Bay which highlights Council’s facilities and services including public toilets, libraries, community centres and sport and recreation. You can also use the map to find out about which planning (zones) you live in, overlays (for example, heritage and industrial), bin collection areas and tree planting. 

Capital Works

Council’s strong investment in capital works provides infrastructure across Hobsons Bay as well as maintaining our ageing assets. Capital works projects include buildings, recreation and open space, roads, drains, footpaths and cycleways, to name a few. Use the Capital Works projects map to find project details and locations.

Waste and Recycling Services

Council offers a four-bin waste and recycling service across Hobsons Bay. Use the waste and recycling services dashboard to discover how our community is diverting waste from landfill and other service statistics.

Public Facilities

Council manages public toilets, playgrounds, outdoor activity courts, skate parks and, picnic and BBQ areas across Hobsons Bay. Use the Public Facilities map to search for facilities by suburb or type.

Sustainability Initiatives

Council is rolling out an ambitious rooftop solar program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. Use the sustainability dashboard display to find out the latest solar generation and electricity use data.

Growing the Urban Forest

As part of the Urban Forest Strategy, Council plants over 8,000 trees each year. View our Tree Planting map to search for the types of trees that are planted via common name, family, genus, species. You can search for your suburb or zoom in to your street.

Public Health

Council investigates noise and air quality complaints. Use the public health dashboard to view recent data on enquiries and response times.

Planning and Building

A planning permit authorises a change in the use of land, or the development of land. An application must be obtained before work begins. A building permit authorises the construction or demolition of a building or structure and relates to the method of construction. Building permits can be issued by Council's Municipal Building Surveyor or a Private Building Surveyor. Use the planning and building dashboard to find out more.

Infrastructure Assets 

Each year Council reports on the state of key infrastructure assets as of 30 June. For a deeper understanding of the strategic management approach read our Asset Plan 2022-2032.

Customer Service

Council provides customer service over the phone and via web chat. In-person support is also available at Council+ service centres and the Civic Centre in Altona. View the Customer Service dashboard for current data on wait time calls and web chats, the top 10 enquiries and monthly response times.

Council Plan

The Council Plan, developed every four years, guides Council’s work and is the roadmap to achieving the 2030 Community Vision. The Council Plan 2021-25 has five objectives. Use the Council Plan dashboard to view how Council is progressing against each objective.