Parking Permits - Other Permits

Below are other types of permits Hobsons Bay City Council issues out to the public.

Visitor permit

Step 1.Important information

A VISITOR PERMIT is ONLY issued to residents who live on a street that has timed parking restrictions (1P, 2P, etc.). It is for short stay visitors – and is limited to one per household. A visitor permit is only valid for use in the section of the street specified on the permit and within the next nearest street. A visitor permit holder will have to pay parking fees in ticket machine areas. 

A visitor permit can be transferred between vehicles (light vehicles only). 

Step 2.Apply

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Tradesperson permit

Tradesperson's parking permits are available for tradespeople conducting works in either residential or commercial zones. Applications must be in writing and provide proof of the work being undertaken. Fees apply for tradesperson's permits (for a maximum of twelve weeks).

Please contact Council to apply for these permits.


Accessible permit

For more information on Accessible Parking Permits (formerly Disability Parking Permits)

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