Conservation Reserves


Children, adults, students, nature lovers, environmentalists and anyone in between will love exploring Hobson Bay's reserves and parks. Our Conservation areas consist of coastline reserves, grasslands, bushland reserves, creeks and wetlands.


Coastline reserves:




Bushland Reserves:




Other significant conservation areas within Hobsons Bay managed by other organisations are: 


Hobsons Bay Conservation Map:

The map highlights where the elusive Altona Skipper Butterfly is found, the critically endangered Swift Parrot, bird hides to enhance bird watching, significant trees such as the Moreton Bay Fig, Sheoaks and many more.

 Check out the map here.  

The Conservation Map utilises the Google Maps platform and can be viewed on mobile phones. If you are having trouble accessing the map, please log out of your google account or press and hold the link to open in a new tab (if on a mobile device). If accessing the map on a mobile phone or tablet, tap the 'Hobsons Bay Conservation Map" banner at the bottom to bring up a list view of significant biodiversity locations and information on our trail network.