Environment report boosts case for Wetlands Centre

Published on 22 July 2022


The federal government’s State of the Environment 2021 (SoE) report underscores the need for investment in initiatives such as a wetlands centre in Hobsons Bay if Australia is to arrest the continuing deterioration of its biodiversity and environment.

Joint advocacy between Hobsons Bay City Council and Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre Inc (HBWC Inc) to federal and state governments is seeking funding to build a wetlands centre for collaborative protection and restoration of wetlands and coastal habitat in proximity to Melbourne’s vast urban growth in the western suburbs.

Chair of HBWC Inc, Dr Marilyn Olliff, said that urbanisation is increasing pressures on the environment, with the SoE report identifying that ‘biodiverse urban areas are valuable not only for the ecology that lives within them, but for the identity, health and wellbeing of urban citizens’.

“The Wetlands Centre has a vitally important role, not only in the provision of opportunities for education and research. but also to raise awareness in the growing community of the west of the paramount importance of caring for our natural environment” Dr Olliff said.

Hobsons Bay Mayor, Cr Peter Hemphill said that Council is seeking a three-way partnership with the state and federal governments for the $16 million needed to deliver the project, with a $5 million contribution from Council dependent on state and federal governments contributing the remaining $11 million.

“Hobsons Bay City Council is championing this place-based initiative as it will boost shared stewardship of our precious environment and the ecosystems it supports,” Cr Hemphill said.

“We hope our state and federal governments will get behind it so that we can continue to improve the state of the environment in our community.”

 For further information about the proposed Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre, see: https://www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/Council/Advocacy-Priorities-2021-22/Hobsons-Bay-Wetlands-Centre


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