James Martin

James has been an avid reader and prospective writer for most of his life. Initial dabbling in prose has ultimately led James to settle within the realm of poetry. His studies in language, in particular Latin, French and German, initiated him into more formal involvement with various poetic forms. The loss of a dear elderly parishioner at his local church in 1999 spurred James to write a sonnet which was subsequently published in the church pew sheet. From this point James started writing further sonnets which ultimately led him to publish his first book 'Short Eternities'.

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

James moved into Hobsons Bay in 2012. He lives very contentedly with his darling cat Garfield (his 'little girl') in a spacious rental property in Newport. Resisting the urge to purchase his own computer, he spends much time in the Hobsons Bay library network, of which one consequence has been getting to know several of its librarians on a more friendly footing.


'Short Eternities', Sid Harta Publishers, 2015