Peter Taylor

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Born and raised in the Western Suburbs; Peter and wife Jane raised their two children in this charming riverside suburb of Newport. The author developed an interest in maritime history at an early age which led to a passion for shipwrecks and maritime archaeology. Peter has written a number of books on maritime history and shipwrecks which have been sold interstate and overseas. He has located over 20 shipwrecks including a WWI submarine, an aircraft and a number of steamers lost without trace off Victoria's coast. A member of the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria for over 28 years Peter still continues to research, survey and search for the ever elusive shipwrecks of Victoria.

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

Peter's uncle was the lighthouse keeper on Gellibrand Pile Light for many years, from the early 1930s until his retirement. His grandfather was commodore of the Hobson's Bay Yacht Club in the mid 1920s and sailed his yacht out of the club for many years. Peter has lived in Newport for over 25 years, near the mouth of the Yarra where there is always some form of maritime activity. Not too far away can be heard the pleasant sound of the ships' horn, as vessels make their way up and down the river, reminding him that this is truly a great place to live and bring up a family. For many years Peter and local maritime historian Bob Leek realised that a great deal of maritime history was being lost and needed to be recorded and published. In 2004 they set up Scuttlebutt Press to cater for this need and have since gone onto publish 15 titles.


  • Wrecks at Williamstown by Bob Leek & Peter Taylor (2004) Scuttlebutt Press
  • Victorian shipwreck notice to mariners (2005) Scuttlebutt Press
  • The wreck of the schooner Henrietta (2006) Scuttlebutt Press
  • The Australian and New Zealand list of vessels lost, missing or taken from active service 1874 - 1949 (2006) Scuttlebutt Press
  • Victoria's ships' graveyard by Peter Taylor, Mark Ryan & Mick Whitmore (2009) Scuttlebutt Press
  • Coramba, the ship the sea returned by Peter Taylor & Des Williams (2012) Scuttlebutt Press Shipwrecks, a practical guide to research and discovery (2013) Scuttlebutt Press


Winner of the Jack Loney Award in 2010