Paul Rodriguez

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Paul formerly suffered from severe obstructive sleep apnoea. The sleep deprivation caused by this condition adversely impacted his life in many respects. Importantly his physical and mental health deteriorated.

Paul tried conventional treatments including CPAP. But he could not tolerate it -even though he is a scuba diver! Serendipity intervened in the form of an introduction to Buteyko Breathing. Upon undertaking a course in 2010 he permanently controlled his sleep apnoea.

In 2014 he self published "Breathless more. A compelling case study." As a lawyer he argues his case, relying on personal experience and scientific evidence, in support of a natural method of controlling this prevalent condition.

In 2018 he published a 2nd edition as his career transitions from Lawyer to Breathing Re-Educator.

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

Paul has lived in Hobsons Bay for over 20 years, having lived in Newport and Williamstown before settling in Altona.


  • Breathless more. A compelling case study (2014)
    [Self published with BookPOD]
  • Breathless more. A compelling case study (2nd edition) (2018)
    [Self published with BookPOD]
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