Altona Beach Precinct Trial

  • Project typeRoads and Streetscape Project
  • Project scheduleTrial commences Monday 2 December 2019 and Friday 28 February 2020


With all the positive feedback we received from the community on last year's trial road closure in the Altona Beach Precinct, we are back for another year! The Esplanade between Bent Street and Pier Street will once again be turned into a pedestrian only zone with beach boxes, outdoor furniture and games filling the space.

Running from the beginning of December 2019 to the end of February 2020, this initiative is designed to create a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to provide your feedback on the trial and whether the closure should be a permanent addition to the Esplanade.

What we are doing

Last year, Council conducted a number of trails within the Altona Beach Precinct to learn how to improve the function of the areas and inform future works.

A temporary road closure of the Esplanade (between Pier and Bent Streets) was trialed and achieved successful results in terms of providing safer pedestrian connections to the beach, street activation through public events and support police monitoring and beach surveillance.

Extended outdoor dining ares were also set up along the beach end of Pier Street to create a more comfortable pedestrian and outdoor dining experience.

Council will continue to trail temporary road closures within the Altona Beach Precinct this upcoming summer seaso n (2019-20).  

The Esplanade

Similar to last year, the section of the Esplanade between Bent Street and Pier Street will be closed.  however this year it will be closed to both vehicles and on-road cyclists.

An oversized table tennis table and other large games, movable street furniture, tree planter boxes and temporary 'beach box' shelters will return to the precinct.  Listening to what you told us, we have also added more shade through the inclusion of beach umbrellas and have included a portable basket ball ring.



Perspective image of the Esplanade closure this summer 2019-20

Pier Street

Similar to last year, parallel parking opposite the shops will be converted to extended dining areas to increase the footpath width within this section of Pier Street.


Throughout the summer period there will be road detours in place for both motorists and cyclists.  A traffic management plan detailing the road closures and detours will be available shortly. You can view the full traffic management plan here(PDF, 2MB), or see the image below detailing the traffic management around the closed precinct.


Get involved

Similar to last year Council will be seeking feedback from the community and users of the space. 

There are a number of items you can provide your feedback on.

Click here to provide your feedback on your overall experience in the Altona Beach Precinct.

Click here to provide your feedback on the traffic and parking in the Altona Beach Precinct.

Click here to provide your feedback on pedestrian crossings at the major intersection of Pier Street.

Click here to provide your feedback on whether the trial should be permanent or not.



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