Urban Forest Strategy

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Hobsons Bay 360 #2: Increasing tree canopy cover with Tree Giveaways

A study measuring tree canopy cover in 2018 identified Hobsons Bay City Council as having one of the lowest amounts of tree canopy cover or natural shade out of all Victorian municipalities. Knowing that an urban tree canopy cover that cools the city is crucial to improving community health and well-being, Hobsons Bay City Council adopted the Urban Forest Strategy 2020, with a core action being our Tree Giveaways initiative.

mayor-cr-jonathon-marsden.jpg "The amount of shade around us has a profound effect on our social and physical wellbeing. The more shade we have, the cooler our streets will be, and the more people will be active and social – crucial elements in a happy, healthy community. It’s why the success of Hobsons Bay’s Urban Forest Strategy is so critical.
Our canopy cover – how much of our city is covered in shade – was at just 7.5 per cent in 2018. We have an ambitious target to get that to 30 per cent by 2040. We’re making really good progress. Since 2020, we’ve planted almost 100,000 trees, including 45,000 trees as part of the More Trees for a Cooler, Greener West initiative. We’ve also planted 130,000 understory plants throughout our conservation areas.
Residents also make a huge contribution to our goal by embracing programs that encourage people to plant trees and plants in their yards. Greater canopy cover gives us a greener environment, more shade, better air quality and habitat for wildlife, which is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. And that’s why we are planting so many new trees." Councillor Jonathon Marsden (Strand Ward).


To read more from Councillor Marsden about the importance of trees in Hobsons Bay, click here.

To find out more about our Urban Forest Strategy 2020, click here or register for a free tree in 2024.

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