Make a complaint

Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to resolving complaints.  We acknowledge that members of the public have the right to complain and value complaints as an important way of improving our service delivery.

We strive to ensure that our complaint handling systems are effective and efficient and that complaints are dealt with courteously, impartially and are assessed on merit.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by Council or its contractor regarding:

  • Quality of Service: This relates to dissatisfaction due to failure to provide a service, delays in providing a service, or a service not being delivered to the expected standard

  • Employees/Contractors: This relates to dissatisfaction with the behaviour of a council employee/contractor or an error or mistake by an employee

Please note: Where a complaint involves allegations of corrupt conduct, it will be handled in accordance with Council's Protected Disclosure Guidelines and Procedures.

What is not a Complaint?

A complaint does not include:

  • reports of damaged, hazardous or faulty infrastructure eg pot holes, fallen trees etc

  • a request for works or services e.g. missed bin collection - unless it is a second request where there has been failure to take action after the request has been received, or the response was unsatisfactory

  • feedback concerning the general direction or performance of the Council or its elected representatives

  • reports concerning an event, service or business for which Council is not responsible

  • the lodgement of an appeal or objection in accordance with a standard procedure or policy e.g. an infringement or development application approval

All service requests, as above, can be lodged with Council via our Services page.

Our Complaint Process and Timeframes

All complaints submitted to Council or through a Councillor will be taken seriously and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Guidelines.

Council will:

  • aim to resolve complaints at the first point of contact, by front line staff, when possible

  • acknowledge all complaints in writing within 5 business days of receipt

  • record all complaints in its record management system

  • finalise a response to the complainant within 20 business days of receiving the complaint

  • if it is not possible to resolve the complaint within 20 business days the complainant will be contacted prior to this with an update and proposed resolution date

  • if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your request you can lodge a complaint with the Victorian Ombudsman

Throughout the process, we may need to contact you to discuss your concerns or to ask for more information. Providing us with your current contact details will ensure that we provide you with a response as soon as possible.

Please note: Council accepts and will respond to anonymous complaints provided it has enough information to do so.

Complaints that will not be investigated

The Chief Executive Officer may determine that a complaint will not be investigated where:

  • the matter is considered frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith

  • involves a matter where an adequate remedy or right of appeal already exists, whether or not the complainant uses that remedy or right of appeal

  • relates to a decision of Council

  • relates to conduct before a court, coroner or tribunal

  • relates to a matter under investigation by the Minister for Local Government or any other government department including the Victorian Police Service

  • relates to the appointment or dismissal of any employee or an industrial or disciplinary issue

  • relates to a matter awaiting determination by the Council

  • relates to the actions or conduct of a private individual; unless it has an impact on council (we talk about personal conduct in the Employee Code of Conduct)

  • there is insufficient information available; or

  • the complainant declines or refuses to provide further information or where there are threats made against Council or council staff

Please note: where the Chief Executive Officer determines that a complaint will not be investigated, the complainant will be advised accordingly in writing.

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