Compost & Worm Farms


To support residents who want to recycle their own food and garden waste at home, we offer a discount of up to 50% on a range of home composting products.

Have you considered a worm farm or home composting? It's easier than you think with a range of discounted products to suit your lifestyle.

Benefits of home composting

  • Fun, sustainable and affordable hobby – Setting up and maintaining a home composting system is a fun and rewarding hobby for all ages.
  • DIY natural fertiliser – Make your own a-grade plant fertiliser for heartier, healthier plants and gardens.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions – When food and garden scraps rot in landfill, they rot anaerobically (without air), causing the release of methane which is one of the most potent and dangerous greenhouse gases. Approximately 3 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions are a result of food and garden matter rotting in landfill. That's why recycling food and garden scraps is so important! 
  • Great for children – Kids will love adding food scraps, playing with the worms and adding fertiliser to your garden. Selling worms, worm castings and worm juice is also a wonderful, wholesome way for kids to make some great pocket money!
  • Easy and affordable to get started  Choose one of the below home composting products and get a discount of up to 50 per cent.   

Pick your product

Hobsons Bay residents get up to 50% off plus free delivery on a range of products, including worm farms, compost systems and bokashi bins.

Not sure which product is best for you? Click here to learn more about the different methods of home composting.

*Please note that one discounted product is available per household. 


Urban Composter bokashi bin
$37.40 after discount

RRP $75.00 | SAVE $37.60
- Great for all households with or without a garden
- Processes all food waste, including meat and dairy
- Tapered ergonomic design suits bench top or under sink
- Produces nitrogen-rich liquid and fermented scraps to bury in your garden

The 15 litre Urban Composter is a stylish and ergonomic bokashi bin that ferments all types of food waste, including meat, dairy, and bread. It holds 2-4 weeks of scraps for the average household, which then ferment for a week more, before being buried in your garden. The fermented food breaks down several times faster than unprocessed food, making it an ideal no-fuss method of returning your food waste's valuable nutrient store to your garden. 

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The Farm worm farm

$49.90 after discount
RRP $110.00 | SAVE $60.10

- Ideal for smaller households or composters wanting castings and liquid fertiliser
- Compact, efficient design processes up to 2L of scraps per week
- High air-flow plus worm saver tray maximises worm well-being
- 2 trays for easy harvesting of castings and continuous flow liquid fertiliser

The Farm is the classic multi-tray worm farm with features including an integrated easy-to-clean worm saver tray, a continuous flow worm liquid catchment system and optional legs for increased airflow in hotter climates. Suited for smaller households with gardens or balconies; or for composters looking for liquid fertiliser. The Farm processes up to 2 litres of food scraps per week.

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Hungry Bin worm farm

$279 after discount 
RRP $399.00 | SAVE $120.00

- Great for any household with a balcony or garden
- Large capacity processes 2 litres of scraps per day
- Continuous liquid fertiliser flows daily
- Rodent and pest resistant

The Hungry Bin is a high capacity, low-maintenance worm farm, well-suited to larger households or those wanting a simpler, easier experience. It recycles up to 2 litres of food scraps per day when fully established, with continuous flow-through harvesting of liquid fertiliser and a clever harvesting method that will deliver rich, worm free castings.

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Green Cone solar composter

$149 after discount 
RRP $299.00 | SAVE $150.00

- Composts all food (even pet poo); you just need soil
- No turning, just dump your scraps and run
- Composts up to 4 litres per day in summer (1-2L in winter)
- Twin cone chambers create hot air vortex to accelerate composting

This essentially maintenance-free composter recycles any food waste (inc. meat, fish, bones, fruit, dairy) as well as pet waste, into nutrients that enrich the surrounding soil. Utilising an in-ground food chamber and a twin cone system to generate and circulate warm air over the composting food, it creates the perfect environment for worms and micro-organisms to work their magic at speed.

Just dig the basket in a sunny spot with good soil drainage, about 60cm deep and 80cm wide, drop in your organic waste (no garden waste), and the Green Cone, does the rest.

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Eco Tumbler 245

$174 after discount 
RRP $269.00 | SAVE $95.00

- Great for all households with or without a garden
- Composts 245 litres of food scraps and garden waste
- Effortless rotation with geared handle
- Rodent and pest resistant
- Collect excess liquid and harvest cured compost for your garden

The 245 litre Eco Tumbler transforms food and garden waste into nutrient rich compost faster thanks to its large dual compartments, which allow you to add new compost while the first chamber is curing. Excess moisture will drain from filtration sockets which can be collected and used as liquid fertiliser. An easy-crank handle makes regular aeration effortless, while the sliding doors mean it is quick to load and harvest compost.

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Dirt Vader compost bin

$49.90 after discount 
RRP $99.95 | SAVE $50.05

- Great for any household with a garden
- Easy on-ground installation and harvesting
- Composts 220 litres of food scraps and garden waste
- Sturdy design with multiple bolt assembly

Turn any household's food scraps to the 'dirt side' with this large capacity 220 litre above ground compost bin. Made in Australia from locally sourced recycled plastic, the Dirt Vader features easy assembly without tools. Features include rust proof zinc plated bolts, securing the rigid walls for extra stability.

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Information to help you get started

Not sure which product is right for you? Interested in some information to help you get started? 

Visit the Hobsons Bay Compost Revolution website which will help you select the best at-home compost product for you. There's also short tutorials providing support as you set up your home composting product. 

Conditions of eligibility

One discount and free delivery is available per Hobsons Bay household. Residents that have already received a discount and free delivery this financial year are ineligible. The discount and free delivery is only available to residents (ratepayers and renters) of Hobsons Bay City Council. 

A limited number of products, discounts and free deliveries are available. This offer will be unavailable once these numbers are reached.

Minimise your food waste

While composting your food waste is a great way of reducing our impact on climate change, it’s also important to minimise food waste in the first place.

Visit the Sustainability Victoria avoid food waste at home program to learn how you can minimise the amount of food that becomes waste by planning your meals, creating shopping lists and storing your leftovers correctly.