Household Help Program



What you put in your yellow recycling bin is handled by real people.

We’ve heard from our community that 3 in 4 people living in Hobsons Bay believe recycling right is very important to them. But there can be confusion around what goes in which bin – which has a big impact on the people who sort our recycling, and how much we send to landfill. 


“We’ve had nappies and dead animals come through. A well as being an awful smell, it can also be dangerous. I want the community to know that only some things can be recycled.

“Please put rubbish in the general waste bin and stop putting it in the recycling bins.” 


Recycling worker, Truganina

Did you know? When our waste truck drivers pick up your wheelie bins, they can see what tips out into their truck – so they can tell which households need help on what should, and should not, go into the recycling bins.

To help our community learn how to use the four bins properly, we have some exciting new technology in our recycling trucks that will enable our drivers to help households recycle right. 

Our new truck technology means drivers can take a picture of what they see as each bin is collected. If they see something in your yellow recycling bin that shouldn’t be there, they’ll place a sticker on your bin to let you know, and we’ll mail you some information to help you learn how to recycle right.  


“I hand sort people’s recycling, Monday to Friday, 5am-2.30pm.

“The worst things I’ve seen come through with the recycling are nappies and needles.

“I would like to ask the community to recycle right – it would help us do our jobs properly and safely.”

Recycling worker, Truganina 


Learn more about how to use your four bins

You can also download our free Recycling 2.0 smartphone app:

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