Daniel Corcoran

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Originating from Perth in Western Australia but now based in Melbourne, Daniel continues a successful career as an author and illustrator. From a young age he’s enjoyed a lifelong passion for cartooning and continues to write and illustrate stories that help us all ‘laugh at life often’.

‘The world is too serious, especially for our kids, and we all need more things to laugh at,’ says Daniel. Through the watchful eyes of his wife and two young children, Daniel is bringing his hilarious stories to life with a unique style and colourful illustrations. The feedback from author visits and book readings across Australia shows Daniel also has a natural talent for presenting. He continues to entertain kids with book readings, interactive live sketching demonstrations and fun art classes. A recent review from a private school in Melbourne stated ‘Many staff believes that Daniel was the best author we have ever had.’

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

My wife and I were both raised near the beach so Williamstown was the obvious choice for us. It's port, beaches, restaurants and country feel reminds me of Fremantle in my hometown of Perth. We also love the history and strong sense of community in Williamstown.


  • The Iddly Widdly Fiddly Poo! (2010, Carrot Sticks Books)
  • The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off! (2012, Carrot Sticks Books)
  • Mary the Hairy Fairy (2014, Carrot Sticks Books)
  • I Brushed my Teeth and my Head Exploded! (2015, Carrot Sticks Books)
  • The Mark of the Maker Stone (2017, Carrot Sticks Books)



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