Angie Jorgen

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Angie is a poet and has been writing since childhood. An Altona local, Angie began writing children's books whilst pregnant with her son and little Joe is now 5 months old with the stories originally written just for his eyes extending their reach to markets and an online store.

Angie's children's books are message oriented with a range of books dedicated to letters of the alphabet and the roles these letters play within our words. Along with this original concept, Angie's books also include a range that is LGBT friendly aptly named the 'rainbow' collection.

Angie is a self published author of the 2005 book of poetry called 'Eight' and also takes orders for personalised poetry for any and every occasion.

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

I have lived in Altona for almost 5 years with my partner, Michael. Now we live not so far from the beach with our little boy Joe and could not imagine life anywhere else. My partner has a strong connection to this place; Altona is the very first place Michael lived after emigrating from Manchester/England as a lad of 5 and he attended the Seaholme kindergarten where we now hope to send our son.

Altona has everything I love in a 'town' - the water - sand - community and gorgeous streets where I walk daily and see many a friendly face.



'Eight' (2005, Self published with Bookpal)


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