Amne El-Kurdi

Amne El-kurdi.jpg

Amne is an Australian-Lebanese author who grew up in Newport and Altona North, and currently works as a pharmacist in the Altona North Region. She has written her first children's book to help normalise working mothers in the community. She originally wrote the book for her daughter, in hopes of creating a relatable story for her, something she could identify with. Most children struggle with the idea of their mother working, which in turn creates 'mum guilt'. Off to Work Mummy Goes sets an excellent example that each family is unique and runs differently, encouraging acceptance without judgement.

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

Amne was born in sunshine hospital and grew up in Newport as a child. She spent her days playing cricket in the driveway with her brothers, then moved to Altona North when she was a teenager. Her favourite part of Hobsons Bay is Williamstown beach, where she now takes her daughter on a hot summer day.


Off to work Mummy goes, published in 2020 by Alys Publishing.