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Passionate educator Amal Abou-Eid is an Australian mother of two with a strong connection to her Lebanese heritage. Inspired by her faith, and her wish for people to live harmoniously and without fear, Amal has turned her hand to writing. Supported by her family, and with these values firmly at its core, Amal’s writing is honest and kind, and she hopes to spread acceptance and tolerance through her work. When she’s not busy with her young family or her career, Amal has been known to thoroughly enjoy that Aussie staple, BBQ Shapes, and she has an adventurous streak too – she bungee jumped in New Zealand!

Life in, and connection to, Hobsons Bay

I have lived in Hobsons Bay for almost 8 years. I worked as a playgroup facilitator for 2 and a half years with Hobsons Bay City Council. I ran two groups, one for the Arabic community and one as a multicultural group.

I was also a member of both the Women's Advisory committee and the Multicultural Advisory committee. Through the various meetings I attended, I came into contact with many amazing and interesting locals.

Both my sons were born here in Hobsons Bay. Watching them interact with the suburbs, streets and local surrounding has been a very interesting experience as it is quite different to where I grew up over in North Fitzroy.

I thoroughly enjoy working with people from our local community and I often try to think of ways I can do more to help out others who may not have access to resources and information. I come from a Muslim Lebanese community and I know and understand their struggles and their hopes. I feel obliged to make a difference for the sake of my community and its future.


My Muslim Mate (2017)

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