Nature in Concrete Art Exhibition

Published on 21 April 2023


Nature in Concrete Art Exibition

Artist: Ariel De Ramos

Venue: Newport Community Hub

Location: 13/15 Mason Street, Newport

Duration of the exhibition: Sunday 30 April to Saturday 27 May

Contact information:

Instagram: @arielpaintingsgallery

Nature In Concrete is an art exhibition consisting of acrylic paintings by Ariel De Ramos. The paintings depict urban landscapes in Melbourne and landscapes from around Victoria. Most of the paintings were painted between 2022 and 2023.

The title of the exhibition refers both to the reality of the locations painted, as where nature is concrete, or real, tangible, in the city, especially close to the travel limitations of the pandemic. The reality of places like parks, creeks, and trees which became much appreciated during lockdown. The title is also a description of what is nature available for city residents, as involved, limited by concrete. Even the landscapes outside the city, seemed to be enveloped by cement and tarmac when the access to them implied roads and definitely as a short break from living in the city.

Ariel De Ramos is a self-taught artist who has participated at art exhibitions and markets in Spain, UK, and Australia. As a former horticulturist and environmental officer, most of his paintings are an exploration and discovery of nature and environment, which intends to create awareness about the beauty of nature and environmental issues.

For more information, catalogue with prices, and/ or commissions, contact:

Instagram: @arielpaintingsgallery


Above: Sunny Day at Alexandra Park


Above: Full Moon at Yarra River


Above: Coburg Lake after Heavy Rain


Above: Sunset at Ventnor Beach, Phillip Island.








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