Mayor Cr Matt Tyler

Wetlands Ward Councillor


Cr Tyler was raised by his single mother who instilled strong values: lending a hand up to those experiencing a tough trot and standing up for what's right. That's why he has dedicated his professional life to making government work better - from his time at Harvard focused on child and family services, to his current role as an Executive Director at a large social service not-for-profit focused on preventing mental ill-health and family violence. Fundamentally, he believes good governments can make a profound difference in people's lives.

His work as a not-for-profit Executive involves partnering with many incredible community leaders – teachers, social workers, faith leaders and sports coaches. In prior roles, he has also worked with politicians and senior government bureaucrats on some of the biggest challenges facing our nation including addressing growing inequality, guiding Australia’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific region, empowering Indigenous Australians and facilitating a just transition in response to climate change.

Now, as part of the next generation, Cr Tyler want to bring his experience working across the private, public, academic and community sectors to make our community even better. Cr Tyler is dedicated to partnering with the community to drive our COVID recovery promoting reconnection and local jobs, increasing tree canopy to cool our suburbs, delivering on the basics, including improvements to our customer service system and advocating for all parts of Hobsons Bay to get their fair share. He's particularly passionate about improving our parks and open spaces to encourage connection with nature, increasing the stock of affordable housing, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and investments in inter-generational community infrastructure. He is trained as an economist and is working to make sure every cent of the Council's budget is spent on the things that matter most.

'Chat with Matt' sessions

Sessions where you can ask the Mayor questions and discuss issues. Each session will run from 10am-11:30am on the following dates (except 20 April in Seabrook):

Saturday 16 December - Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre

Saturday 3 February - Brooklyn Community Hall

Saturday 16 March - Newport Community Hub

Saturday 20 April - Seabrook Community Centre (12.30pm to 2pm)

Saturday 25 May - Altona North Library (previously Saturday 18 May)

Saturday 29 June - Laverton Community Hub

Saturday 27 July - Altona Library

Saturday 24 August - Williamstown Library  

Saturday 21 September - Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre