Off-leash Dog Areas

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Hobsons Bay 360 #6: It's a dog's life

Around Hobsons Bay you can find 13 off-leash areas and 2 beaches where dogs are welcome (and can be off-leash from November to April).

Our teams have worked hard to provide spaces for dogs of all ages and sizes. We have a puppy and small dog only space in Brooklyn and if your pup loves a swim, be sure to check out Altona Dog Beach!


"If you’re like me and are lucky enough to have a dog, you’ll know what a special part of your family they are. They’re not only great companions, they also help keep us active and get us meeting and interacting with people when we’re at the local park, café, beach or just down the street. In Hobsons Bay we are spoiled for choice with so many great dog parks, it's always so great to see so many doggos out and about using these great community spaces". - Councillor Daria Kellander (Cherry Lake Ward).

It’s important for your dog to be taken on regular walks to ensure they live a happy and healthy life, but did you know walking is also a fantastic activity for you? This low impact exercise will help strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints, and there are also a number of mental health benefits from walking too. It may reduce stress, boost your mood and increase your mental energy!

To explore the dog friendly spaces around Hobsons Bay, click on the map below for locations of each of our off-leash dog areas.

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