Safer Roads in Laverton

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Hobsons Bay 360 #23: Street safety around Laverton schools

In 2021, Council received the finalised Laverton Schools Area Traffic Management Study that provides an analysis and proposed solution to improve the safety and movement of people travelling in the area.

The study was informed by the Local Area Movement Plan and Better Places project that highlighted community concerns about travel to and from local schools.

As a result, the Laverton Schools Area Traffic Safety Project focused on providing greater safety for children and guardians walking to and from St Martin de Porres Primary School, Laverton P-12 College, Jennings Street School, and Western Autistic School.

Works completed

On and adjacent to Bladin Street

  • ·new raised zebra pedestrian crossing
  • two children’s crossings upgraded to raised crossings
  • six side street raised thresholds with continuous concrete footpaths
  • implementation of a safer 50 km/h speed limit on Bladin Street
  • changes to traffic movements
  • parking controls on Burnley Street to improve vehicle flow

While these works are a great step in improving the safety of the street around our schools, it’s always important to remember that under the road rules drivers turning at an intersection must always give way to pedestrians crossing the road the driver is entering, even if there is no crossing (except at roundabouts).

For more information on the Laverton Schools Area Traffic Management Study, click here.

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