Dennis Reserve Master Plan Implementation

Dennis Reserve is a popular park in central Williamstown. It is home to the Williamstown Central Tennis Club, Williamstown Bowling Club and Williamstown Senior Citizens Building where a range of community groups participate in activities and events. Dennis Reserve is an important reserve for the local community as it provides a key connection between the Williamstown Activity Centre, local residential areas and other public facilities as well as a diverse range of active and passive recreation opportunities.

Council endorsed the Dennis Reserve Master plan at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 21 March 2019. The master plan will be implemented in three stages over three financial years.

  • Stage 1 - the demolition of existing tennis courts, tennis club pavilion and the former ladies bowling green and pavilion and the construction of four new tennis courts.
  • Stage 2 - open space upgrades to the southern end of the reserve.
  • Stage 3 - demolition of the existing senior citizens centre and construction of a new multi-purpose community facility.

For more details on the Dennis Reserve Master plan and the consultation process, click here.

Latest News

May 2024 update

Building works are now complete, with landscaping in the final stages. User groups will be moving in over the next few months.





Past monthly updates

January 2024 update 

50% of the window glass has been installed and 70% of the block work has been laid.
Internal spaces have started to take shape and the external landscaping will start mid Jan 2024.

October 2023 update

Construction is progressing well at Dennis Reserve with the first major milestone achieved. The concrete slab and steel structure have now been constructed. The next phase of the program will see the roof and brick walls be installed and windows too.

July 2023 update

In the last week of July 2023 the demolition of the old senior citizen community hall began.

June 2023 update

We are now in Stage 3 of the Master Plan which will include the demolition of the existing Senior Citizens Centre and the construction of a new larger multipurpose community facility.

The construction will commence in July 2023. The entire site will be fenced off from the public during the construction period. This project will take 11 months to complete.

Project update

Stage 1 - Demolition of the former Williamstown Ladies Bowls Club, the Williamstown Central Tennis Pavilion and construction of tennis courts 

These works are now complete. 

Stage 2 - Open Space upgrades to the southern end of the reserve

These works are now complete. 


Upgraded playground

Stage 3 - Construction of a new multipurpose community facility in the northern end of the reserve


Council established a working group consisting of representatives from the users within the Williamstown Seniors building and the Williamstown Central Tennis Club to develop concept plans for the design of the multi-purpose facility. Three independent community representatives also sit on this working group.


For the past six months the working group has worked diligently to develop a design for the new facility that will be available for community use, meets existing tenant needs and provides new club room facilities for the Williamstown Central Tennis Club.

The new facility has also incorporated into its design the significant trees that have been nominated within the reserve and ensured these trees are not affected by the build. 

View from Ferguson St – day time.PNG

View from Ferguson St – daytime 

View from Melbourne Rd.PNG

View from Melbourne Rd 

Previous Project Updates

Click here for the August 2020 Project Update(PDF, 507KB)

Click here for the November 2019 - April 2020 Project Update(PDF, 294KB)





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