The Spit


The Riverside Spit

Although predominately known as a very popular fishing spot, more recently The Spit has been revegetated using local indigenous plants. On the higher areas shrubs including sheoaks and wattles have been planted to encourage our larger nectar feeding birds like lorikeets and wattlebirds, and to also provide some protection from the sun and wind for park users. On the lower areas, which are more prone to salt water, coastal grassland and saltmarsh plants are the dominant species.

Although the area is dominated by a ring of basalt rocks around the perimeter to protect the land from erosion, there is a small 'beach' area that is exposed at low tide. In the warmer months this area is frequently visited by rare migratory shorebirds like the sharp-tailed sandpiper. 

For this reason, although the area is a designated dog-off-leash area, we do ask that dog owners keep their dogs away if birdlife is seen.


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