Affordable Housing Policy


There is an urgent need for more affordable housing in Hobsons Bay to support households on very low, low, and moderate incomes. Research indicates that adequate housing is integral for physical and mental health.

Commonwealth and Victorian Governments set the legislative, policy and funding contexts for housing markets and affordable housing. By comparison, local government typically plays a more limited role, focused on advocacy and negotiating contributions through the planning system.

However, Hobsons Bay has taken a more proactive approach, most notably through the establishment of the Hobsons Bay Affordable Housing Trust and consideration of the use of Council-owned land. We also provide access to local housing data at  

Affordable Housing Policy 2023 

In November 2023, Council adopted the Affordable Housing Policy 2023. The policy will guide our ongoing efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing in Hobsons Bay. It articulates our position to residents and key stakeholders, presents a series of action areas and commitments, and strengthens the foundations to further grow and develop our approach.

Through a ‘Statement of Intent’, the policy also acknowledges safe, secure and affordable housing as a fundamental human right and key determinant of health and wellbeing. It also states that we will continue to support and encouraged increased supply of affordable housing to meet current and future needs of our community.

For more information on the Affordable Housing Policy 2023, please contact the Social and Strategic Planning team on 1300 179 944 or at