Hobsons Bay Interfaith Network

The network includes over 30 different faith leaders and representatives from around Hobsons Bay who gather to engage in interfaith dialogue, share each other's stories and traditions, enter each other's places of worship, and organise community activities that support interfaith and intercultural connections.

The network's purpose is to promote connection, respect and acceptance for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures and traditions. A desire arising from both a shared and common humanity and from being people of faith spirituality and community.

Hobsons Bay City Council is a member of and supports the network as part of its commitments under the Hobsons Bay 2030 vision and Multicultural Policy 2016-20(PDF, 1MB).

Hobsons Bay Interfaith Network - Say No to Racism statement click here.(PDF, 180KB)

Hobsons Bay Interfaith Network - Christchurch message to the Muslim community click here.(PDF, 421KB)

Some of the recent activities of the network have included:

2018 Think Prevent – Preventing Violence against Women Interfaith Workshop

2018 Growing Together – Spring Lunch (see film below) 

2018 Harmony Day – Places of Worship Tour

2017 Come Dine with Me - Midwinter Feast (see film below)


2016 Sailing Day – Tenacious Tall Ship

The Interfaith Network is:

  • an opportunity for dialogue and understanding
  • a way of living with mutual respect and dignity
  • a positive recognition of different faiths and spiritual beliefs
  • a celebration of individuality and identity of each tradition
  • held together by human values and goodwill
  • a partnership of many faith communities and the civic authority

The Interfaith Network is not:

  • an opportunity for conversion and proselytisation
  • a compromise of any individual faith tradition
  • the creation of any particular faith community
  • a forum for exclusive religious claims
  • an opportunity for religious argument

For more information:

W. Hobsons Bay Community Directory 

E. faithshobsonsbay@gmail.com

PH.  Community Development - at Hobsons Bay City Council on 1300 179 944