Street Tree Renewal Program

Hobsons Bay City Council maintains over 80,000 trees throughout residential streets, parks and reserves. More trees are being planted to increase our canopy cover from 7.5% to 30% by 2040 in line with the Urban Forest Strategy (2020).

In order to mitigate the threats from climate change and increasing temperatures and to maintain a diverse and healthy urban forest, Council is replacing low useful life expectancy (ULE) trees with new trees that will grow to provide much needed shade and cooling effects.

There are many benefits to an increased canopy cover in an urban environment. A healthy and thriving urban forest with adequate canopy cover:

  • lowers the effects of urban heat islands (shading surfaces and cooling the air)
  • improves air quality
  • provides wind protection
  • filters and reduces storm water run-off
  • increases property values
  • increases the longevity of infrastructure
  • saves energy costs
  • provides a pleasing look and feel to neighbourhood character
  • improves health and well-being. 

Some Council managed trees are deteriorating in health or are nearing the end of their useful life expectancy (ULE). Trees with a low ULE would normally require replacement within 5-10 years. A replacement tree would then require another 10-20 years to reach its mature size to provide its many benefits to the community. By removing and replacing low ULE trees, Council is able to fast track the planting of quality, shade providing trees to help us reach our target of 30% canopy cover by 2040.  

Where trees are identified for replacement as part of the Street Tree Renewal Program, adjacent properties will be notified, and the tree will be removed in the weeks following.

Stump removal will take place in the weeks following removal.

A replacement tree will be included in the next available Street Tree Planting Program, during the cooler months of the year, from April through to October.

The replacement tree species is selected from a list of approved street tree species that have proven to be well adapted to our climate and weather conditions. Council aims to keep tree species consistent in streets. Please read about the Street tree species in Hobsons Bay to see which species of trees are planted throughout Hobsons Bay.