Industrial Land Management Strategy and Design Guidelines


Council has prepared a Draft Industrial Land Management Strategy (ILMS) to provide land use policy direction in Hobsons Bay’s industrial precinct over the next 15 years. To support the draft strategy, Council has also prepared Draft Industrial Design Guidelines (IDG) that outline preferred site layout and urban design outcomes in industrial areas.  

The Draft ILMS and IDG are proposed to replace the 2008 versions. To find out more and view the draft documents please visit our participate website here.

Reimagining our Industrial Areas

The Reimagining our Industrial Areas project was the first step in the review of the ILMS 2008.

The Reimagining our Industrial Areas project produced a 'Statement of Opportunity' document to help shape the future of our key industrial precincts and set a new policy direction. 

To find out more about this project click here.

Project status

Consultation on the draft strategy and design guidelines was undertaken over a six-week period from 22 May until 2 July 2023. 

Council officers are considering the feedback received and will update the draft strategy and design guidelines. It is anticipated the Draft ILMS and Design Guidelines will be brought back to the newly elected Council for consideration in early 2025.

A planning scheme amendment will be required to implement the Draft ILMS and IDG into the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme. Further consultation with community and key stakeholders will occur as part of the exhibition of this planning scheme amendment.

Related documents – 2008 versions

Industrial Land Management Strategy 2008(PDF, 1MB)

Industrial Development Design Guidelines(PDF, 520KB)