Affordable Housing Policy Statement


Hobsons Bay City Council has a long history of encouraging the creation of affordable housing through policy. Council has had an affordable housing policy since 2002 and through regular reviews of the policy has aimed to collaborate with the private sector and state government to create affordable housing within the municipality.

Housing costs in the middle ring municipalities such as Hobsons Bay have increased significantly over recent times. Given its close proximity to the Melbourne CBD, infrastructure, and open space, the cost of housing in Hobsons Bay has become a barrier to a sizeable proportion of households wanting to rent or buy a home in the municipality. In order to maintain the diversity of residents who have traditionally lived in the municipality, a range of interventions and advocacy is required to ensure the city’s housing stock caters for households across the socio-economic spectrum.

Affordable Housing Statement

The purpose of the affordable housing policy statement is to articulate Council’s commitment to ensuring all households in the municipality are able to live in affordable, secure and appropriate housing that meets their needs, particularly those with low and moderate incomes.

Affordable Housing Trust

To deliver one of the key objectives of the Affordable Housing Statement, at its June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council endorsed Housing Choices Australia Limited as Trustee of the Hobsons Bay Affordable Housing Trust.

The Trust supports negotiations, planning mechanisms and controls for the delivery of affordable housing, and supports the Council’s Housing Policy Statement commitment to ensure all households in Hobsons Bay are able to live in affordable, secure and appropriate housing that meets their needs, particularly those with low and moderate incomes.

The Affordable Housing Trust aims to:

  • acquire existing buildings and dwellings in Hobsons Bay for affordable housing
  • acquire land in Hobsons Bay and construct affordable housing on it
  • make affordable housing available to eligible residents, having regard to the affordable housing policies of Council, the state government and funding bodies
  • develop innovative housing options which offer new and improved choices for eligible residents
  • solicit donations, gifts, bequests, government grants, philanthropic grants and other forms of financial assistance to or for the Trust Purposes

For developers, the trust:

  • provides a method to collect, hold and manage assets in the form of dwellings, land, or cash
  • enables contributions to benefit eligible residents on low incomes
  • is independent from Council as it is managed by Housing Choices Australia as per the Trust Deed
  • offers simplicity as finding a Housing Association or Housing Provider to purchase these dwellings can often be difficult
  • ensures the value of affordable housing will be retained within the municipality in perpetuity to continue to provide affordable housing for Hobsons Bay residents into the future
  • centralises the administration required to deliver affordable housing

For more information on Affordable Housing or the Affordable Housing Trust, contact the Social and Strategic Planning team on 1300 179 944 or at