Sandy Point Nature Reserve


Access the car park from the northern end of The Strand. This small nature reserve is a haven for native plants and animals, surrounded by the bay, with views to Williamstown and the harbour. Sandy Point features a boardwalk constructed from materials of the old pier and a cinder pit from the decommissioned Newport Power Station. The reserve was preserved originally for its bird habitat values, with resident superb blue-fairy wrens. Along the mud flats, resident and migratory shorebirds visit here with red-capped plovers year round and sharp-tailed sandpipers seasonally, for example. These important feeding areas are crucial to the long term survival of shorebirds across the East Asian - Australasian flyway.

Dogs are not permitted into Sandy Point Nature Reserve. To become involved with the Friends of Greenwich Bay contact Council on 9932 1000 or email for further information. For more information and a map of the reserve please download the brochure. Sandy Point Nature Reserve(PDF, 1MB)


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