Advocacy and Action

Council supports and advocates for social inclusion and equal rights, celebrating diversity and addressing barriers and fostering opportunities for participation.  We are active in program and service design, community events, public displays of recognition and civic ceremonies, policy development and advocacy.

Council resolved to support marriage equality in April 2012 and is committed to upholding the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and Equal Opportunity Act 2010. Council is already committed to supporting diversity and social inclusion, as captured in our Council Plan, as well as the Hobsons Bay 2030 Community Vision.

Some campaigns, efforts and initiatives are listed below:

Marriage Equality

Council’s campaign support

Council formally supported a commitment for marriage equality from 2012, and furthered that commitment in 2017, during the marriage equality postal survey period, as expressed below.

Resolution endorsed by Council on Tuesday 12 September 2017

That Council:

(a) Reaffirms its commitment to marriage equality;

(b) Notes that the Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to supporting social inclusion and advocating for the diversity within our community irrespective or sex, gender identity, culture, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, ability, age and religious beliefs;

(c) Advocates our support for marriage equality through the use of council resources such as our website, social media (e.g. twitter and Facebook), and phone on-hold messages, and by creating and installing appropriate signs, posters and/or stickers in council buildings and public places such as libraries and community centres; and

(d) Flies the Rainbow Flag in front of the Civic Offices from 13 September to 8 December 2017.

To listen to the podcast of the 12 September Ordinary Council Meeting, visit

Council’s leadership towards marriage equality from 2012

In 2012, Council demonstrated its commitment to marriage equality when a Notice of Motion was carried at an Ordinary Council Meeting in 2012. The endorsed resolution reads as below:

Notice Of Motion No 957 – Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and The Marriage Amendment Bill 2012


Moved Cr John Hogg, seconded Cr Michael Raffoul, that the Council:-

1.        Lodges a submission to the House of Representatives Committee Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and the Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 supporting marriage equality irrespective of sex, gender identity or any other attribute;

2.        Write to all local State and Federal Members of Parliament, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, and the Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission advising them of the Council's position; and

3.        Request the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association to also lodge submissions on behalf of the Victoria Local Government Sector.

Western Region Councils LGBTIQA+ Working Group

The LGBTIQA+ Western Regions Councils Working Group was established to develop a shared agenda and platform for information sharing and action on issues of importance to our LGBTIQA+ communities. Members of the Working Group consist of delegates from each of the seven western region councils of Melbourne, namely:

  • Hobsons Bay
  • Brimbank
  • Maribyrnong
  • Moonee Valley
  • Melbourne
  • Melton
  • Wyndham

The formation of the Working Group is a direct response to Hobsons Bay City Council's LGBTIQA+ community forum held in February 2010 and subsequent recommendations from the report.

A subsequent forum “Out is in – Where to next?” in February 2015, saw 120 people from across the West come together with the Working Group. In contrast to the 2010 forum, which focused solely on what local government could do, recommendations following the ‘Out Is In’ forum focused on three main areas: of Local Government, Health Care and Community. The forum participants identified these priority areas: Layers of LGBTIQA+ Identity, Safe Spaces, Access to Health Care, Embedding What’s Been Started, Role Models & Visibility, Education System and Networking.

The Working Group is still ongoing and aims to identify issues and barriers affecting people in LGBTIQA+ communities who work, live or study in the west and foster joint activities that promote social inclusion, community pride, and a sense of belonging and improve health and wellbeing.

Flying the Rainbow Flag

Council is committed to undergoing public displays of recognition for the LGBTIQA+ community. According to our Flag Flying Policy, the rainbow flag is flown during acknowledgment days:

  • The Victorian Pride March
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT)
  • For the duration of the Midsumma Festival
  • Intersex Awareness Day
  • International Transgender Day of Remembrance
IDAHOBIT flag raising

Creating safe inclusive events and spaces

Council has facilitated specific events for the LGBTIQA+ community since 2010, when its first event, titled GoWest, occurred during Midsumma Festival. 

The range of activities has grown and changed over the years, and there are now up to 22 events occurring during the Midsumma Festival period.  Titled Midsumma Westside in 2019 these events are facilitated by different Council teams, performers and local organisations such as galleries and community centres. 

The suite of events and programs has grown and changes.  Activities and programs are held throughout the year, not just alongside Midsumma. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out Council’s events webpages and social media platforms for libraries, youth events and arts and culture events to stay up to date with our events, programs and activities.