Journeys to Australia: From One Home to Another

To celebrate the diversity of Hobsons Bay, the Libraries in partnership with the Community Development Department have been working on a Journeys to Australia project, collecting stories about migrant experiences, first impressions of Australia and adapting to a new country and culture. The idea of the project came from the Greek Anamnisis Exhibition held at the Louis Joel Community Centre in 2011. The Journeys to Australia - From one home to another book was launched by Wetlands Ward Councillor Colleen Gates on Harmony Day 21st March. We are hoping this book will provide an opportunity for people to talk to each other and build greater understanding of diversity within our community.

Journeys to Australia – From one home to another book is a  collection of 68 inspiring and unique stories collected from residents of Hobsons Bay who migrated to Australia between 1950 and 2012 or were born to migrant parents. They came by ship as part of the wave of European migration, by plane to be reunited with family, took the risk for a better life or more recently arrived as refugees, after living many years in refugee camps. Their stories give us an insight into a migrant and refugee journey, adapting to a new country and a new home. All share the common experience of leaving one home to come to another. These stories are sometimes funny, sometimes touching but all are engaging, insightful and to be celebrated.

The book is for sale for just $5 from any Hobsons Bay Libraries' branch or you can download the book below.