Tree removals

We make every attempt to retain trees in the streets and parklands for as long as possible and in the best possible condition.  

Many residents request the removal of a tree because it sheds berries, nuts, leaves or other material. While we acknowledge that trees will shed, this is seen as a natural occurrence. As such, we cannot remove a tree on this basis.

When are trees removed?

Tree removal will be considered when a tree:

  • is dead or in severe decline
  • presents an unacceptable level of risk to the community that cannot be mitigated through management techniques 
  • is identified as part of an asset renewal program

Trees will only be removed in accordance with the Hobsons Bay City Council Tree Policy 2021.

The below map includes the locations of Council trees that are currently scheduled for removal. 

At times, during routine inspections, a tree may be identified as having a major defect which requires immediate removal. Works will occur in the following days and may not appear on the below map prior to works taking place.  


Where trees are removed, replacement tree(s) will be planted in the upcoming street tree planting program. The planting program runs between April and October each year. Where space allows, Council will plant more than one healthy replacement tree for every tree that it removed.

Please contact our Arboriculture Team on 1300 179 944, if you have any questions about any scheduled removal.