Green Streets program

The Green Streets program is a collaboration between Council and the community to green residential streets through urban design solutions and education.

A 'Green Street', as defined for this program, is a street that incorporates well designed placement of trees and vegetation. Where the possibility of street redesign is possible, a 'green street' can also include:

  • passive storm water filtration solutions
  • improved walking and cycling outcomes
  • planting of understory to improve biodiversity outcomes where feasible

A well-designed green street can:

  • cool the environment
  • improve streetscape amenity and walkability
  • enhance urban biodiversity and provide linkages between pockets of biodiverse areas
  • showcase how the city can better adapt to climate change
  • increase awareness, knowledge and stewardship about the importance of urban greening within the community
  • reduce storm water flows and pollutant levels where installation of water sensitive urban design allows

Green Streets Program 2022

Three streets have been selected to become Green Streets this year. 

  • Grace Street, Laverton
  • Hancock Street, Altona
  • Bayview Street, Williamstown

If you live in these streets, you will receive more information over the next few weeks. 

Register your interest to be a part of the Green Streets Program

We are preparing a list of eligible locations for the Green Streets treatment; please nominate a street you feel would benefit from this program. All streets nominated will be assessed by Council officers for potential inclusion in the program


Selection Criteria: How will streets be selected to participate in the program?

In 2022, three residential streets will be selected to participate in the Green Streets program.

Street nominations will be assessed against the following criteria for inclusion in the program:

  • Does the street:
    • have space to support increased canopy?
    • currently have low canopy?
    • experience high heat?
  • Is the nomination supported by the majority of residents in the street?
  • Is there any possible renewal opportunities? (Lagunaria program, streets with short useful life expectancy trees or trees that are underperforming)
  • Is the street within top priorities of Tree Canopy Delivery Plan?
  • Are there other planned works due to occur in the street such as road or footpath upgrades?

Feasibility will be further determined for short-listed sites based on the following criteria:

  • Adequate under and above ground space for increased canopy
  • Feasibility and type of wood that could be utilised
  • Site assessment to determine suitability
  • Engineering works required (street redesign, kerb outstands, median, trenching, loss of carparks etc)
  • Estimated costings